Hairstyle Of the Day: Beach Wave Braid Out

alliexperience braid out

Hey everybody!! 🙂  With a relaxer, one of the best things you can do for your hair is avoid heat. No flat irons, blow dryers, and etc. That’s why braid outs are *cue singing voice* PERRRRRFECT!  It’s super easy & quick. And it comes out fabulous!  The traditional way is to divide you hair into 4 sections and do 1-or-2 braids in each one. I took a different route this time and braided around my head. This will create waves that are start at the top of your head in the front, and halfway down the back of your head (see image).

I like to do Braid Outs at night because my mornings are kind of busy, and this is a great “5 minute hairstyle”. Wake up and BAM!! I woke up like this! LOL. Here’s a step-to-step guide for the Beach Wave Braid Out.  Check it out:

DSC01330-edit DSC01335-edit2


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