paperplanes may 10

Most of our ideas start out on paper. The where’s, when’s, who’s, what’s, and why’s… all of it blue printed neatly (or not so neatly) within marginalized paper.

Lucky for us the ideas we have aren’t so confined by the 8.5×11 paper they lay on. These ideas come to life. They reach far beyond the page and enter the realms of reality.


PAPERPLANES is back! Remember, that amazing event last year with Alexis Glenn, Bonnie Bordeaux, and Amadi Jae? This year is going to be even bigger!! I’ve partnered with Far Out Family and A Lavish Affair. This year we have more performers and are adding vendors to the experience. We’re soooo excited about this flight, it’s gonna be awesome!

Piloted by
PAPERPLANES: FLIGHT 002 is scheduled for take-off on
SAT. MAY 10 at 5PM in Atlanta, GA
Purchase your ticket on EventBrite


One thought on “Ready. Set. Fly! PAPERPLANES MUSIC & ART EVENT

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