Urban vs Couture Fashion Show #BTS

taylored misfit 014
The TAYLORED MISFIT models!! Jasmine, Keyunah, Kristina, Kayla, Khadijah, Allie (ME!!), and Babs (off camera)

I walked in the Urban vs Couture Fashion Show, hosted by Atlanta’s HOT107.9 DJ Traci Steele. I modeled for Taylored Misfit, designer Justine Davenport. It was a blast getting to know all of the girls in the show, and strutting on stage. Everyone did a phenomenal job!!! 🙂

taylored misfit 010
There’s so much life backstage! I love it!!
taylored misfit 013
All hands on decks! Taylored Misfit Crew
taylored misfit 005
the works! @coutourecuts
taylored misfit 008
hair stylists
taylored misfit 009
makeup artists Samantha & Capriece
taylored misfit 012
Khadijah & Allie
taylored misfit 011
makeup galore!
taylored misfit 004
i spotted my girl, amanda! she’s in the show too! #modellife
taylored misfit 003
yooooo! kayla has the fiercest walk ever! #sick
taylored misfit 007
Kayla & Kristina
taylored misfit 006
Kayla, Allie, & Keyunah

Photographer Dontez Akins took some dope professional pics of us comic down the runway. You can see them here.

Shout out to ATL’s Blink Magazine, Real Hair Stylist of Atlanta, Bad Girls Club, Kontrol Magazine, and bloggers who were in the building. And a big thank you to PhotoGraphicMind for putting this even together. I hope you do it again next year!


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