#FOtradingcards illustrations

Far Out Family‚Äôs rapper/graphic designer Bias the Black brings us the #FOtradingcards series. These things are really cool and they’re going to continue to choose people at random to add to the series. All you have to do is tag yourself here!

fo trading card_bias the black
@FarOutFamily / @BiastheBlack
fo trading card_theliving
@FarOutFamily / @_TheLiving_
fo trading card_glenn
@FarOutFamily / @glennsaddler
fo trading card_omari
@FarOutFamily / @uuuuuwaaayyyyy
fo trading card_zay
@FarOutFamily / @zayfarout
fo trading card_dmilo
@FarOutFamily / @D_LoFo
fo trading card_instant que
fo trading card_alliexperience

So cool, right?!


How was your weekend? I hope it was awesome!!

How was your weekend? I hope it was good.

My weekend was pretty eventful. I caught up with my friend, went to the mall to window shop, got a great gift from Tobias, went to a art show with some friends, and went dancing. Continue reading