Beauty | How Essential Oils Strengthen Your Hair

What’s the best way to promote hair growth?
How can you strengthen your hair?

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Motivation | How to Launder Your Spirit


Two years ago, I got a red Coca Cola journal and decided to “Open Happiness” daily. Embrace blessings, celebrate good news, and think positive!

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Lifestyle | Why 21st Century Policing can Work!


In July, I marched in 3 of the 5 daily marches in Atlanta. Police brutality & discrimination has destroyed families and broken the hearts of communities. We’ve seen discussions & table talks regarding this issue, but what’s the plan?

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Motivation | 7 Traits of a Revolutionary


After watching her interview with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now, I am inspired by Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green. She is a groundbreaking physicist who uses lasers for cancer treatment that leave little or no side effects. Continue reading

Lifestlye | 5 Easy Ways to Have a GOOD DAY

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We’ve all heard of thing that we should do to stimulate a positive mood…like exercise & meditating. I have a few other suggestions that will get you moving in the right direction. Continue reading