5 Favorite Love Songs of All Time

When it comes to love songs, nothing hits home like R&B. Classic R&B. Oldies R&B. New-Age R&B. I enjoy it all. Today my soul is singing along to these jams from the 80’s, 90’s, and beyond. Continue reading


On the Scene @ Motown the Musical

IMG_8311It had just finished raining. My mil (mother-in-law) and I just parked after navigating Atlanta’s event traffic… which, by the way, is slightly more annoying than normal traffic because all seems clear until you get 5 minutes from your destination. Then all the cars just. Stop. Moving. But, thankfully, somehow we made it through… Anyway, we parked the car and headed toward The Fabulous Fox Theatre which was right up the hill. We only had a few minutes left to get to the show. My mil, in a black high-low dress and black galoshes, was moving quickly. The fast pace in which she walked wasn’t really due to the eagerness, rather it was more of a display of ownership. This is her city and it’s obvious she’s been to the Fox many-a-times. I trailed behind her in a gray blazer, black wide leg slack, and black kitten heels. Continue reading