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Photography | AFROPUNK Photo Set, Deseri Rice

Hailed as one of the Atlanta Festivals you can’t miss, AFROPUNK 2017 lineup is an incredible and eclectic mix of “ground breaking icons and emerging talents”, including Solange, Danny Brown, Willow, Kevin Abstract, Advertisements

Atlanta | Nick Mulkey launches City Council Run

With former council member, Kwanzaa Hall vying for the Mayoral vote from Atlanta constituents, a bright, and eclectic millennial has his eyes on the open seat.

Lifestyle | Why 21st Century Policing can Work!

In July, I marched in 3 of the 5 daily marches in Atlanta. Police brutality & discrimination has destroyed families and broken the hearts of communities. We’ve seen discussions & table talks regarding this issue, but what’s the plan?

The BEST of Dragon*Con in Atlanta

My family and I went to the Dragon*Con parade this past weekend in Atlanta. Dragon *Con is a huuuuuuge sci-fi and fantasy convention. Now it has expanded to include anime, video games, movies, comic books, and practically anything you can think of. See pictures.