Are People’s Lives Really Tied to Your Dream?

Research says that if you’re friends with a married couple who gets a divorce then your chances of getting a divorce increase by 33%. And at this year’s BET Award, Tyler Perry said “there are people whose lives are tied in to your dream.” Hear me out…

Do you think the “divorce” principle could be applied to close friends or family who have passionate relationships with their careers or endeavor? Assuming you have a strong relationship with your ambitions… If a good friend quit a job that they were invested in, are you likely to assess your happiness or value in your current workplace? What if you’re surrounded by creatives and someone gives up on painting or singing? Would you say your chances of giving up on your dreams increase by 33%?

What about in cases when a friend “takes a step back” or a “side step” – for instance… if someone says “I’m going to stop performing and focus on songwriting” or “instead of teaching, I’m going to nanny for a while” – Does their life changes effects how you see your goals and whether or not they are attainable?

I think so. It’s human, right?

We’re all on a journey full of twists and turns, and ebbs & flows. And I think it’s fair to say we’ve all been on both sides of the coin… super ambitious and inspiring and… at times the opposite.

For me……. I’ve always loved acting but when time came for me to go to the next level – go on auditions, work, and get an agent – I grew anxious and I backed out. I ventured into modeling as a way to keep myself acclimated with the booking process and performing on camera. But in fairness, it was a smoooooth electric-slide side step!

And while that decision didn’t seem to weigh on others around me (mostly because they were in agreement that I’d find success), it weighed on my mind as my elementary school daughter asked what I always wanted be when I grew up. It was years before I returned to acting.  But now that I’m here, it’s a different feeling. I feel the weight of the “people whose lives are tied in to your dream.” It’s the people I know and the people who I’ve yet to meet! Our paths and powers will combine and it will be explosive!

As my dream connects to theirs, and theirs connect to mine… I am sensitive to the influence we have over each other. If I fall short, so may they; conversely, we I grow so will they. So as a collective, we aim to push each other daily to keep moving forward and try not to cease, because if someone does then… well… the explosion may not be as masterful.

There’s no reason to have a Plan B because it distracts from Plan A.


I’d love to hear your thoughts! Do you think you are more likely to fall short of your dreams when someone in your circle does? What motivates you? How do you stay encouraged when someone on a similar path changes direction or let’s go of a dream?

What do you think???

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