Talk Thirty to Me


THIRTY – 30!  My birthday is around the corner, and I was happy to celebrate it early with these gorgeous gals who also have August birthdays! We rented a boat and partied in the middle of Lake Lanier. But it was a journey getting there! 

Soooo….. I was a bit apprehensive about the boat party.  After a tragedy a few years ago, my birthday has been a somber reminder of loss. I am also very accommodating when it comes to the joy of loved ones, so naturally when the idea of a conjoined “birthday party” arose, I could not decline (and my indifference was taken as agreement).  I had a lot conversations with myself, reminding me of the importance of “being kind to myself” and honest with my friends. So at the next opportunity to bow out, I choose to be transparent instead.  I don’t know why I didn’t just say “Nah, I cant do this.” But I didn’t… and I’m proud of myself for it! I acknowledged the difficulty while expressing what I need to make the event work. My girls were patient & supportive.


The day of the party, I forced out anxiety with the most emotionally charged Mariah Carey songs! I put on my dress and makeup, then my husband and I rode to the dock to meet our friend group. I couldn’t believe I even considered missing this! It was HOT and SUNNY (totally opposite of forecasts of rain). And the excitement from people – both arriving and leaving – was inspiring. After linking up with the gang and perusing the gift shop, we boarded our boat. It was the best day I’ve had in years! ❤ ❤ ❤


While my “birthday” is something I’m learning to balance. I’m actually really excited about being 30!!! In my 20’s, there were many defining moments – from my wedding and giving birth to major disappointments and grief. Over time and maturity, I’ve learned to apply lessons better. Trust me, I’ve would’ve handled the birthday idea REALLY poorly in my mid-20’s. LOL!

My twenties taught me that I will FOREVER love a little coffee in my cream and sugar! And what morning routine truly allows me to have a good day. It forced me to appreciate my relationships and understand how I love and how I like to be loved. My twenties showed me how to manage a business and be a team leader. It showed my when/how to take risks. And gave me tools to better cope with anxiety. I am proud of where I am, and am increasingly faithful in walking the path God is leading me.






2 thoughts on “Talk Thirty to Me

  1. Happy Birthday! I am glad that you enjoyed yourself and that you were able to push through and have a good time! I wish you many more birthdays and happy days to come!

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