BEAUTY | How Essential Oils Strengthen Your Hair

I’ve been trying to get my daughter’s hair to grow and mentioned it to my mom. She asked, “have you been oiling her scalp?” My eyes got big. How could I have overlooked such a cherished hair practice?

I scoffed and laughed. “What? Haha! Yeah! Oil her scalp. Of course, I have!” Seeing through my fib like it was made of glass, my mom smirked. That night, I called to my daughter, “C’mere baby, I need to oil your scalp!!!” LOL!!

Within a few weeks, I noticed a difference in the length of her hair! Her hair is healthier & growing!!! Different oils can develop strong, healthy hair and growth. Our friends at Rebel Lifestyle Magazine tells us everything we need to know about Benefits of Essential Oils for the Hair:

Coconut oil is known to promote good hair growth while thickening the hair. It is a great moisturizer that will strengthen the hair, which will reduce hair breakage, dandruff and hair loss.

Lavender oil is known as the alopecia cure. This oil is best used for hair that is loss in patches and for excessive thinning. In addition, this oil helps with sleepless nights and stress.

Jojoba oils helps to keep the hair follicles moisturize by stimulating the blood circulation, which will also repair damaged and dry hair.

Flaxseeds has fatty acids that will change your dry and brittle hair into shiny growing hair.

Extra Virgin Olive oil is the best oil to have and keep in your hair. This oil fights against hair loss and when used, it will act as a deep condition that will completely restore the strength of your hair.

Castor oil is like the hair growth God. Your hair will grow long and strong extremely fast, if used daily. Although, this oil is thicker in consistency than other oils, if used directly on the scalp, the hair will definitely get thicker in the hair growing process.

Almond oil is a sealant, which means it locks in moisture to leave hair healthy, strong and shiny due to the Vitamin E found in this oil.




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