MODEL | Meet the Muse of Black Panther Character {Zenzi}

Photo Marvel Comics

Marvel’s The Black Panther movie trailer was premiered during NBA Final’s Game 4 commercial break. Everyone’s excited that is generating huge trailer views, which is a clear sign that Black Panther is definitely one of the most anticipate blockbuster movies of 2018!

A really cool Black Panther character is Zenzi. She’s a villain who has the ability to enhance and bring to light people’s deepest emotions. Read her story. Though not featured in the movie (see full cast), I thought it would be cool to introduce you to the comic illustrator (Brian Stelfreeze) muse for Zenzi — a fashion and art model, JuNé LeJoí

model gypsy eyez june lejoi name


JuNé LeJoí • {Ju~Ju} • allows herself to be a vessel of creativity and positive energy. Last year, her ambitions and free-spiritedness led to work with artist, Laolu Senbanjo — you’ve probably seen his work on Beyonce’s Visual Album Lemonade. Laolu’s Sacred Art of the Ori Ritual was part of Beyonce’s “Sorry” video.

The sensual fashion model, JuNé LeJoí, is the Face of AFROPUNK Atlanta, which is hailed as one of Atlanta’s best music festivals. She continues to be a transference of good vibes via her Instagram page which is showered with inspiring quotes, insightful reminders, stunning imagery! FOLLOW LeJoí on instagram at

model gypsy eyez june lejoi name2

AFROPUNK 2016. Photo W Magazine

quote dele olanubi




Keep it up June LeJoi! We love your work! ❤ ❤

Watch The Black Panther trailer (again)!  😀

*Quote and Images of Model, JuNé LeJoí, are from her Instagram page.



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  1. Wow, the anticipation of this movie is overwhelming and I can see why – great blog post.

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