Motivation | 3 Life Lessons from a Gaming App


There are bits of guidance and motivation everywhere you look. Today, I found it in a gaming app! Here are 3 Life Lessons from phone app, 8-Ball Pool:

1. A small change in perspective can lead to a big Win

Sometimes positioning the stick is a no brainier; and some shots are a bit tricky. But if it’s a clear path between the ball and the pot, sometimes all you gotta do is turn the phone upside down, or adjust your angle, or even make the ball spin and BOOM! You’re closer to your victory. A small change is perspective can lead to a Win!

2. Trust your gut.

At the start of the game, the balls are scattered and possibilities are all around, and your intuition may say go for the one closest to the pot. Regardless of whether if you go for it, or if you score or not.. the decision you make is your best decision for that moment. Go for it. Trust your gut; most times than not you are right on target!

3. Keep playing.

As soon as you can execute a move, you are instantly in a new game. That split decision you had 3 shots ago is looooong gone and the outcome of the unchosen shot is unknown. This is great because we have the freedom to let go! This is a new moment with more possibilities! Forget about the coulda, woulda, and shouldas. Keep playing to win, and eventually, you will win.

** this post is not sponsored or requested by 8 Ball nor any other company, agent, or rep. These are my personal feelings.

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Which games inspire your life lessons?  I can’t wait to read your comments!!!!


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