Motivation | How to Launder Your Spirit


Two years ago, I got a red Coca Cola journal and decided to “Open Happiness” daily. Embrace blessings, celebrate good news, and think positive!

It was a promise to myself that was tested withing several months. And through the mild weather and the manic storms, I held on to that phrase & journal like it was my silver lining… and it to an extent it was.

Like clothes, it is important to launder the spirit.

Just like clothes it is important to launder the soul, whether it is through writing, artistry, meditation, church, or Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. The necessity to reset shouldn’t be neglected.


Laundering our mind & spirit allows us to let go of negative energy and focus on being the awesome individuals that we fucking are!

So… what should we wear and how often?

Motivation is good for a a whole season. Happiness is the workhorse of our soul – it can last for about 14 wears! Constructive criticism and compliments, wear it a few times, (let it soak before washing). Self doubt. Toss it! Heartbreak? Maybe once or twice, then re-purpose it to make a great look!  😀



Bottom line:  You got this!
Launder your soul to create looks that are like new


Photo credit @deseritheartist (instagram)

And while we’re on the topic of laundromats, enjoy this throwback by Nivea (2002):

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