Motivation | 7 Traits of a Revolutionary


After watching her interview with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now, I am inspired by Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green. She is a groundbreaking physicist who uses lasers for cancer treatment that leave little or no side effects.

Real talk.

Not only is Dr. Green revolutionary in her practice, she displays many characteristics of a Pioneer that YOU can easily adopt. See how Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green takes it to the next level:

1. She is not distracted by naysayers and doubters.


2. She asks for help when she needs it.

“I need the support of everybody who believes that there is a better way to treat cancer. I need that support.”

3. She was inspired by a heartfelt experience.

4. She is unafraid to create something where there was nothing.


5. She invested in her passion.

6. She treasures relationships.

7. She believes she has a purpose and seeks to be revolutionary


“If there was something that I was born to do, maybe this was it. And if other people were going to do it, it would’ve been done already.”

Watch the whole interview:

To support @drhadiyahgreen‘s research visit or

Watch NewsOne Now every weekday morning starting at 7AM ET on TV One.


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