Lifestyle | Victories & Vulnerabilities


At the local coffee shop, grabbing coffee and a breakfast wrap with my hubby, and I’m enjoying this moment with a man whom have grown with me for half of my life, and with whom I share children, love, laughter, sorrow, and insecurities. Who appreciates the fact that I purposely burn every meat I cook! And will eat it anyway with a tall glass of juice!

I shake my head side to side as I can’t believe how lucky I am to have a beautiful world blended with victories & vulnerabilities.

Then, nod my head. Yes I can. And I realize that, shaking my head degrades the value of this moment. You are inadvertently telling the forces around you, no thank you… This life is too good to be true. And I reject that rejection — I appreciate my life, it is good, and it is true!

I should not shake my head to the fact that I am present in a positive space. Instead I must nod to that and honor this is an impeccable moment. This is life, and it is good! This is a blessing counted, bolded, and highlighted; and I should continue counting other moments the same way.
Love Tree Card


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