Lifestlye | 5 Easy Ways to Have a GOOD DAY

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We’ve all heard of thing that we should do to stimulate a positive mood…like exercise & meditating. I have a few other suggestions that will get you moving in the right direction.

Here are 5 EASY things that you can do at home to have a Good Day:

1. Play music. Enjoying music that makes you feel good & inspired revs you up to do good and inspiring things.

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2. Walk around your home. A trip to the kitchen for breakfast or looking out the patio door can destress your mind. A change to your typically getting-ready-for-work routine can change your mood for the better.


3. Check yourself out. Yes, hunni, you look fabulous! Not only do you get to “stunt & flaunt”, you know exactly how you look doing it! This as a great confidence booster.


4. Kiss your significant other. A gesture of love stimulates your motivation to go to work! It is a reminder of why you’re going to work (to provide for family, pushing for a promotion, etc.), and reassurance that you have a support system after a hard day’s work.


5. Wear Sunglasses. Sure, it’s nice to walk out the door to a sunny day, but the light usually makes us squint our eyes and furrow brows. Those are similar to facial expressions that you make when you’re upset. Shades will help you maintain a content-happy face by being prepared for the day.


I hope this jump-starts your day!!! Do you practice some of these things? If so, does it helps to stimulate a positive mood?  What are others things that you do?

Enjoy life.sig

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Links:  Urban Outfitters Speakers  .  Photos by Joel Bellevue


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