Relationships | 7 things you should say to your significant other, BESIDES ‘I Love You’


I love you is an important phrase for any relationship. But sometimes it can become commonplace. Here are 7 things you should say to your significant other besides to “I Love You”…

1. “You can do it!” Trying a new fitness plan, going after a promotion … Be the cheerleader for whatever they’re going after.

2. “I’m proud of you.” Feeling good about yourself is one thing, but getting that validation from someone else is in a whole new category.

3. “You’re beautiful.” This should be common sense, right? We’ve all been the recipient of insincere compliments, but having it said meaningfully means a lot. Handsome, amazing, and incredibly brilliant work too.  😉

4. “I appreciate you.” A lot of things can be taking for granted, so noticing the small, mundane things can have a huge impact.

5. “Let me take you on a date.” Routine date night & midweek woohoos are nice, but routines can quickly kill the passion. Courting your significant other is the real game changer!

6. “I support you.” Knowing your partner has your back gives you that extra push and safety net.

7. “I’m sorry.” But not the fake “sorry” (the one to squash the argument or “I’m sorry you feel that way”) – the REAL one that says “I understand where you’re coming from.”

While “I love you” is essential, supportive phrases like theses will let your significant other know how truly special they are.

Happy Valentine’s Day



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  1. Nancy Jo McDaniel · ·

    LOVE THIS!!!!!! Great post, Alli!!!! XOXOXO

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