Beach Vacation at Hilton Head Resort

I am writing you as we ride back to town from our vacation at Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. I am stationed in the passenger seat with a Dunkin’ Donut coffee in my hand and The Steve Harvey Morning Show soundtracking our ride.

I stayed at a Marriott vacation resort with my husband and daughter and mother-in-law. A friend let us use her time-share, and I couldn’t be more appreciative. I felt the stresses of life melt away as soon as I walked in the door and the bed sung hymns of comfort. We could see most of the resort from our balcony the air was moist from the nearby beach, which was hidden by the trees. The resort itself was beautiful, romantic, and sweet. Soft lights were strung from tree to tree. Pink-peach hued buildings surrounded what looked like a man-made lake. Positioned around the lake were hammocks, outdoor gaming areas, swing benches, rocking chairs, mini golf, and fire pits. It was a great escape from work and a busy city life. Truth is, I was nervous about this vacation. Going to new places makes give me anxiety but needless to say this was worth the adventure.

The beach was beautiful and well complemented by the mild early-October air. Not too hot, not too cold. As we walked the beach my daughter stepped in the ocean for the very first time. “Wooooooh!! It’s cold Mommy.” She laughed. We laughed with her. It was nice.

IMG_8810 IMG_8817 IMG_8794
The next day we explored the Tanger Outlets and were greeted with great Columbus Day deals! We spent 7-hours shopping! We found good stuff for ourselves and our friends.

On Monday we went to the beach again, this time in our swimsuits. We helped Ava build a Sandcastle with her new buckets. Then my husband made a sand hurdle and I made another Sandcastle. I probably should’ve stuck to using the buckets. But I think it was pretty good. Meanwhile MeMe was relaxing under a beach umbrella with a book in her hand. Tuesday, the toured Savannah which is an hour from Hilton Head. Savanna is a beautiful and harming city with so much history. There’s no wonder why it is one of the George’s top tourist spots. We spent all day there. And even though the city is small, we need to make another trip there because there’s still so much to see!

IMG_8842 IMG_8876 IMG_8873

We closed day back at the hotel and decided to chill at the indoor pool. As we walked to the facility, there was a man singing into a soft lit crowd brightened by three campfire stations. At the pool, we sat in the hot tub and played “monster” in the regular pool. My daughter really enjoyed that. Everyone did.

It was a nice vacation. Now we are headed home feeling relaxed, energized, and grateful.

XO. Allie
PS. Have you every been to Hilton Head Island?


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