#MotivationMonday: You CAN get through this!

Last month was the toughest month of my life… i’ll share it with you soon. Anyway, when life break you down, it can be very hard to pick yourself up again. So if you’ve been going through some challenges… here’s some motivation to keep you going.

9c008d358cf9ef68c6979038c654967b Life-quotes-and-Inspirational-Messages  Miyamoto-Musashi-Quotes-Thoughts-Images-Wallpapers-Picture Patience-and-AttitudeLDS-Mormon-Spiritual-Inspirational-thoughts-and-quotes-28The last quote can be tough to receive when faced with adversity. But the belief that God is good even in times of sorrow has been a comfort. Trust Him (and his timing) and trust, even more, that he will bring you through. If God brought you to it, he will bring you through it!

Much love,
XO. Allie.


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