Baby Anya is here!!!!


Our little Anya is here!!!!

She arrived on her due date (2/26) and we couldn’t be more excited. She’s beautiful & healthy. Her big sister, Ava, is in love with her already – that just warms my heart!

I made a wish list for my labor & delivery (for example, I didn’t want my water to break at home, at work, or while I was out… I also wanted a quick, healthy delivery of a healthy baby, and Anya came flying out!). Everything came to and was better than I imagined. I feel great and am doing well. My hubby is SUPER supportive. He was right there holding my hand the entire time and, now that we’re home, he’s quick to jump in with the children. I am so appreciative! #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork

Wow.. We’re a family of 4 now! Thank all of you for the well wishes & congrats. I’m so happy!

Love, Allie.


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