Holiday Recap

christmas 2015Hello. Hello. I hope your holiday was awesome! My Christmas was nice. My family stays in town, so traveling was a breeze. We spent Christmas Eve with my parents. On Christmas Day, we went to with my grandparents, uncle, aunties, and cousins (they hit the spot with southern cooking! Mm-mmmm!). Then we went to my mom-in-law afterward, where she prepared a delicious Chili Dinner.

The day after Christmas, I got to spend time with my good friend, Chi Chi, who stays out of town. We went bowling and had an amazing time. My brother, Quin, won the game. He a pretty good bowler. I came in 2nd place.

DSC00017 DSC00013 DSC00021 DSC00015You can’t tell I’m pregnant in that shirt. I have 9-wks to go. Afterwards, everyone came back to our place to pre-game before they headed out to the club.
DSC00041 DSC00037 DSC00045 DSC00048Nothing beats time with friends and family. And thanks to the new camera from my hubby, I can share all of it with you. How was your holiday?


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