Guess what… I’m Pregnant!!!

im pregnantThat’s right! There is a pea in the pod… A bun in the oven… A bump on my belly… An egg in the nest… And we are super excited to have our second baby!!

I’m 4 months pregnant (almost ½ way there), and the baby is due on February 26th. Most of our friends think we’re having a boy. My husband and I are happy with either one. Our daughter, Ava, is happy too. She waves at my belly and says “hey baby!” LOL. It’s really cute. The other day when I picked her up from her grandparents’ house and she said, “It’s Mom and the baby!” She makes me even more excited for what to come. I can already tell she’s going to be an awesome Big Sister.

Next month, we find out the gender of our newest addition. Of course, I CANNOT WAIT to tell you what we’re having. I’m thinking about having a small Reveal Party to announce the sex of the baby… What do you think? Have you ever been to (or had) a Gender Reveal Party??

invitation halloween reveal party


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