Microtrend: “High” Fashion (Also, Happy 420!)

Originally posted on JANE SAYS:

There’s a certain counterculture symbol that is budding into a mainstream fashion trend. Sure, it’s still taboo for most people out there. But all of a sudden rocking a gigantic maryjane leaf emblazoned across your chest is somewhat acceptable now? Maybe it’s because most people still don’t know what it truly represents. (Ummmm…where have you been?) Or maybe people are just chilling out with the judging these days. Or maybe, just maybe, all this political uproar against or for the pardoning of the pot is getting everyone lit up about the cause…and what better way to show your support than with a stoney-bologna tee, hat, or chain?

Whatever the reason, we quite enjoy seeing this print on some of our favorite fashion bloggers and celebrities. But while everyone is standing at the front lines screaming “Legalize it!” or “Don’t legalize it!” we’re just saying, “Daaaaang, that bud (print) is dank!” Of…

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