Urban vs Couture Fashion Show

If you are feeling froggy, then jump!

It goes without saying that with new opportunities come new challenges. It may take a few practice runs to jump over the hurdles but before you know it those leaps become second nature. Progress is always being made even when you don’t come in first place. Keep striding… or in my case, strutting.

 I’m in a fashion show for the first-time-ever-in-my-life! I’m really pushing myself to be fierce and stay level headed. But on the other end, my nerves try to get the best of me. Luckily the designer is super sweet and all of the models are so fun to be around. It really encourages me to put my anxiety in check and walk it off. Lol. I’m excited for April 19! It’s gonna be an amazing day.

Check out the trailer for Urban vs Couture Fashion Show (featuring ME!):

Urban Vs Couture Model Casting from Jantz Banks Video on Vimeo.


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