Tulips in the Spring

tumblr_mll8n1CFB31r6psyco1_500 In addition to Orchids, Tulips are my favorite flower. To me they symbolize spontaneity and tranquility, all at the same time.

From prekindergarten to adolescence, I grew up in a rough neighborhood where drugs and murder were the norm, and it rubbed off on my peers as early as twelves. I lucky enough to stay away from trouble. Even though the community was unpleasant, the property management made sure to keep the grounds somewhat appealing. Every Spring, they would plant tulips, and I’d anticipate the colors they picked. It never failed to excite me. No matter what, I knew there would be a unique arrangement that was full of color.

And the before I knew it — BLOOM! — tulips spontaneously popped from the ground. And there were so many… an abundance of tulips playing in the wind!

For a second I would forget about the mayhem around me, and prayed their tranquil affect would permeate throughout the volatile community. To this day, I believe that if you stop and smell the roses (in this case, tulips) it’ll make you happy. The playful flowers are a symbol of tranquility.

Amidst the chaos, take time to find your flower today.

XOXO. Allie

tumblr_n0xi7dMdFn1ruy031o1_500…just felt like sharing.


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