Bliss Photos by @VonteVendetta

kristina-alliexperience-01_vontevendettaThere’s a Bliss event every Friday. It’s held in an all-white-space underneath an Atlanta boutique. Bliss gives artists and musicians a chance to showoff their stuff.

The show I attended primarily featured hip-hoppers, rappers, and soul/r&b singers. There was also an artist who was painting in the dark with glowing paint! #Awesome. The whole thing was really dope and chill. Some of the musicians that performed were:

Vendetta Films and the crew were there capturing the scene and many faces of Bliss. You should check out their TUMBLR… it’s super cool. Just in case you aren’t convinced, here are some of the pics featuring me.

kristina-alliexperience-03_vontevendetta kristina-alliexperience-02_vontevendetta Above: Kristina & Allie
Below: Allie, Chiiirp, Alexis Glennchiirp-alexisglenn-alliexperience_vontevendetta faroutfamily alliexperience_vontevendetta Gotta show love to Far Out Family:
Omari, Bias the Black, Zayfarout family_vontevendetta

Photos by Vendetta Films, visit the tumblr site for more pics….. and then come back here!  *wink

XOXO. Allie.


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