[ALLIEXPERIENCE] featured in Music Video

fartherout new atlanta ish video farther out 002

Atlanta based hip-hop group, Far Out Family, reached out to Allie (Alliexperience.com — the blog you’re on right now!) to feature in the video for their latest single, New Atlanta Ish.

The video follows the group through everyday life, particularly on a day they are hosting a house party. Being that Bias the Black is married to Allie, it shows him waking up to the most beautiful women he has ever seen and getting ready for the party. (Love You Babe) Not giving too much away there’s a shit-ton of our friends in it, especially in scenes with Glenn Saddler. Look out for FO guitarist, The Living (3:08 – sunglasses).

Sonically, though the track is title “New Atlanta Ish,” the sound it is actually reminiscent of old Atlanta — of which I’m a fan. Good job guys! Shouts to the director & cinematographer Drew & Co.

@FarOutFamily (IG & Twitter)

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