The Evolution of Brad Pitt: Hair, Clothes, and Girlfriends


Brad Pitt is the new face of Chanel No. 5, the first man to represent the famous perfume brand..
[Vogue] rounded up some of the father of six’s most memorable beauty moments—both the good and the questionable”

brad pitt evolution beauty looks style hair change years 1

1988 – Just look at those boyish dimples! A fresh-faced Pitt is the good-boy version of Johnny Depp

1992 -You gotta love Juliette Lewis for proving that there is in fact a way to overshadow Pitt’s attention-hoarding handsomeness on the red carpet. That little trick made sure no one noticed his ill-advised facial hair and, while we’re at it, tuxedo accessories.

1993 – Fresh off the success of A River Runs Through It, True Romance, and Kalifornia, Pitt debuts a serious surfer boy look: long golden ocean-swept locks, a sun-dipped complexion, and that errant chin hair, clearly forgotten in the rush to get to the beach.

brad pitt evolution beauty looks style hair change years 2

1994 – OMG, he’s so hot!

1997 – Then Brad met Gwyneth. Not only did their haircuts match, so too did their precisely placed golden highlights. Hands down, one of the best moments in visual couple-morphing ever.

1999 – Pitt’s transformation in his next relationship with Jennifer Aniston did not involve mimicking her hairstyle.

brad pitt evolution beauty looks style hair change years 3

2004 – At long last. It seemingly took Pitt well into the aughts to sort out some style speed bumps, but this shorter buzz cut does wonders for focusing all attention on those devastating baby blues.

2007 – A slick Brill-creamed comb-over, clean-shaven face, and a beautiful lady on his arm = winning!

2012 – The goatee may be back, but with speckled bits of gray scattered throughout, it’s a whole lot less offensive… Here’s to 20 more years of those luscious golden locks.

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