ALLIEXPERIENCE x FartherOut presents #Paperplanes (Recap)

#Paperplanes took flight!

We had a good turn out, even better music, and the most awesome time. 🙂 ALL OF THE ARTISTS WERE GREAT! The show was like a time machine taking you through different eras of music, all while having a dope time. #Paperplanes was a lot of fun. We danced, blew bubbles, glowed in the dark, and enjoyed good music.


Bonnie Bordeaux draws inspiration from the 40s and rocked a retro-styled pattern dress. With help from the band (and special feature from Jimi Cravity on the guitar), Bonnie and the Boomers got the crowd moving with upbeat jazz-hop. Her B-Team rocked cardigans and passed out bubbles — sure sign of a party!5


Vintage Nation’s style put me in the 90s…with the bandana, high top fades, and cut of shorts, yeah very 90s. Like many musicians from that era, they are amazingly talented musicians with impeccable vocal range and versatility. Vintage Nation proved they can do any thing from hip hop to folk music and everything in between.

2117 copy

Alexis Glenn, too, reminded me of the 90s era in regards to her attire. Check her over-sized printed jacket and dark lipstick. She also had a hip, laid-back swag that made her music easy to vibe to.

316 15

Shelanese was a good host as well. She was such a good sport when I hopped on stage to announce the giveaway. And we found ourselves throwing a dance contest to find the winner. Thanks DJ Peter Parker, it got wild! And was a perfect introduction to Amadi Jae who gave out glow bracelets in support of her “Retrolites” brand, rocked the stage, and kept the crowd dancing even after the show was over. You’d think it was Tina Turner up there with the way she was swinging her hair! Lol.

1All in all, it was a phenomenal start to the #Paperplanes Music Series. Thank you to everyone who showed up to #Paperplanes. And thanks to people who wanted to come but for some reason couldn’t — don’t worry and Alliexperience are planning another show for September.



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