[ALL I THINK] Anti-Anorexia Ads Transforms Models into Fashion Illustrations

article-2311770-1962796D000005DC-170_634x399Via Daily Mail: Star Models, a modeling agency based in Brazil, has released a graphic anti-anorexia ad campaign, using Photoshop to turn models into life-size fashion illustrations.

The ads, which run with the tag line ‘Say No to Anorexia,’ show a fashion illustration with typically exaggerated proportions next to a model wearing the same outfit – and the same measurements. While the models have been airbrushed to mimic the unrealistic illustrations, the ad pleads to young women: ‘You are not a sketch.’


The images are appalling to say the least.

My initial sentiments towards the ads were somewhat conflicted. I admire fashion illustrations and mimic the style in my creations. But to correlate an art style with something as devastating and heart-breaking as anorexia is somewhat offensive. I agree with the overall message, but sometimes these public service ads jump to the extreme and are more about “shock value”.

You cant nitpick everything that stretches the imagination… even if it’s an arm or two (joke, joke!). But truth is, artists strive not to be confined to structure, and this does not exclude proportion. When you look at fashion sketches… to me, it’s just an advanced form of a stick figure. It’s a sketch intended to focus on the garments; so naturally, little detail would go into the character. And sometimes, these sketches become elaborate stylized illustrations that plays to the imagination and disregard the rules on anatomy. That’s not a “bad thing”.

It’s almost unbelievable that women feel pressured by these illustrations. But somewhere someone does. That’s also why I like the ads. It reminds you that there are blogs dedicated to promoting anorexia and there are some fashion houses that prefer paper-thin models. And that’s unfortunate. Even some of the fiercest models like Coca Rocha are worried the industry’s expectations.


“[These ads] address the issue that anorexia seems to stem from the inability for people to distinguish reality from fiction… Barbie dolls don’t have realistic body proportions, but we should be teaching girls that they don’t have to look like a Barbie doll.” Adam Green

We have to understand that the majority of the images we see today have been altered in some way, which means that nothing and no one is perfect! As much as we want to believe otherwise… the models, the actress, the products are not reflective of the images we see on magazines, movies, and TV.

But, you… now that’s true beauty! And believing that you are great the way you are and striving to be the healthiest individual you can be is what really matters.

You are not a sketch because those sketches aren’t real.
For more information about anorexia, please visit http://www.anad.org/


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