Monday Motivation: Know That You Know What You Know

How-to-Be-ConfidentThis is a reoccurring message life keeps throwing at me. Be confident. Speak with conviction:
“Know that you know what you know!”

I am naturally shy when it comes to just about everything! Meeting new people, public speaking, group discussions, you name it. When I started my job as a concierge, it took a week for me to muster up the confidence to casually talk to a resident about her dog! LOL. Now I’m no where near as shy as I was, but every now and then I have to remind myself to be confident and speak with conviction. To overcome, I practice speaking in the mirror and with a friend. I picture myself being the life of the party, and when I go out I am determined to be that person who introduces their self to everyone in the room, joins the conversation, and exudes confidence.

What if we eliminated all doubt and just let it out? Go with you inhibitions and act on what you know to be true. Try not to add buffers such as “well”, “you know”, and “like”. Speaking with conviction entails expressing yourself in an authentic and meaningful way so that listeners are able to understand your message and the sincerity of your communication. Worry less about how you’re perceived and focus on delivering the message. When you speak with conviction, people are more likely to agree with you or act in accordingly.

“Know that you know what you know, and go with it.” – Allie



Here are some tips ‘Speaking With Conviction’

1. Believe in the message you are communicating. If this is not possible, rehearse until you can convince others that you truly believe what you’re saying.

2. Use open body language and hand gestures when speaking. Try not to cross your arms, fidget or look down as these movements will make you appear less confident and approachable.

3. Look people in the eye whenever you are speaking to them. If you frequently dart your eyes away from your listeners, they may take that as a sign that you are insincere.

4. Project your voice, enunciate your words and use declarative statements when speaking. People will trust you more readily if you speak with confidence.

5. Confirm that your audience has received the message you intended to convey. Provide more information, if necessary, to clarify your points.

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