Ooo, Sexy Momma: How Motherhood Changed Me

In response to motherhood, some women to mellow out and or become overly sexualized to make up for, i dunno, lost excitement or something, whatever. Outside looking in, one might consider me the latter. I’ve never been one to sport mini skirts, halter tops, and high heels, and red lipstick all in one outfit. Perhaps, it was slowly coming but, nonetheless, here I am… (kinda) with no one suspecting this young lady is a sexy Momma! The birth of my daughter, brought many changes, but the biggest one is my personal security. Truth is, I’ve never felt so alive and satisfied with my being – my femininity, my womanhood. You can say, I’ve come into my own. This change was not instantaneous. It was a slow build. I’ve learned more about myself by getting to know and understanding my daughter.

#Fact: A newborn can feel your pulse before you even touch them.

It was that newborn-look in her eyes. I don’t know if you’ve ever stared into newborn’s eyes — I swear to you, it seems as if they know they’re place in the world. She has a connection with the world that fades away in most adults. She’s so wise without even knowing it. We are of this world and not just in it. That concept gives me strength. No matter how I move, the world will move with me. I’m in control… This is my life, I’m not just in it. #Fact: The only fears we’re born with is a fear of falling and a fear of loud noises —
everything else is assumed to be taught.

So, who am I to be afraid of judgement, failure, or whatever else? I’m a mom, and a newborn is braver the me!! Nah, I’ve got to be more courageous. No hesitation, just be myself. She is my biggest fan. She craves my presence as I always long for hers; and if I love her this much — i cannot fathom how much God loves me. Now she’s a toddler and she loves to watch me sing and dance and be silly. And that makes me feel good. It makes me feel really, really proud and confident and energetic. And that energy transfers to various facets of my life. It affects my attitude and my attitude affects the way I talk to people and the way I dress. And when I feel great, I feel sexy and attain a level of confidence that is not easily diminished. There’s a power in the femininity that motherhood bring. So you better believe I’m putting on my power pumps! It’s an expression of who I am and how I feel. I’m embracing every part of it. Xoxo. Allie.


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