Yeah, that’s my Dad.

My Dad thinks he knows it all, but at the moment captured in this picture, I’m sure my Dad didn’t know:

1. He would be married to the gorgeous lady next to him for the next 20-something years.
2. That he would have twins boys, who are much like him in many ways, and later have a baby girl (me!)
3. His Navy experience would lead to a passionate career at an Atlanta hospital, in which he’s dedicated over 20 years.
4. Write hundreds of poems and gain the nickname “The Love Poet” from friends within his poetry group; and start a creative writing ministry at church
5. Lead Toastmasters in our region.
6. He would beat prostate cancer.
7. Have a granddaughter who’s already singing at 1yr old, and is fascinated with Beyonce! Lol.
8. Watch Independence Day with Will Smith every 4th of July and every day in between.
9. Have a great, loving relationship with his siblings after all the silly, crazy, childhood squabbles
10. Celebrate over 25 Father’s Day, with many more to come.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad… And happy father’s day to all of you and yours.  =]


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