Fortune Cookie: Your Hard Work is About to Pay Off

I got this message from my fortune cookie the other day, and I sure hope it’s true!

I’ve been drafting up design templates and structuring documents to progress my graphic design business – ALH Marketing & Design. I’m also working on the website. That should be running in a week or so.

I just made connections with a rep at local printer. Hopefully, she sends a lot of work our way. *fingers crossed.

Have you been working hard on something?
I’m not sure how fortune cookies work, but I’m pretty sure this also applies to you too.  =)



  1. Oh my God! I just got that same fortune! And it was soo eerie because it came true.

  2. That’s amazing!! You should definitely go back for more good fortunes!!! Lol.

    “gimme all yo fortune cookies!” Hahaha

  3. I hope that applies to me as well:)

  4. of course it does! =D

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